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Friday, August 01, 2008

Oracle Database 11g Top New Feature for DBAs

Oracle Database 11g Top New Feature for DBAs : SUMMARY

1) Automatic Diagnostic Repository [ADR]

2) Database Replay

3) Automatic Memory Tuning

4) Case sensitive password

5) Virtual columns and indexes

6) Interval Partition and System Partition

7) The Result Cache

8) ADDM RAC Enhancements

9) SQL Plan Management and SQL Plan Baselines

10) SQL Access Advisor & Partition Advisor

11) SQL Query Repair Advisor

12) SQL Performance Analyzer (SPA) New

13) DBMS_STATS Enhancements

14) The Result Cache

15) Total Recall (Flashback Data Archive)

Note: The above are only top new features, there are other features as well introduced in 11g which will be included subsequently

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