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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

RAC CRS - crs_unregister

How to remove CRS entries using crs_unregister?

1. Before using crs_unregister, it's always recommended to backup OCR and voting disks. Make sure that you have a documented version to restore, if things go wild.

2. Nodeapps needs to be stopped on all the nodes (In my case I have 2 nodes).

3. You can use crs_unregister to remove the entries which are not required, here in my example I did with listener which I configured wrongly and I want this entry to be removed from CRS.

crs_unregister ora.testrac1p.LISTENER_RACDB_TESTRAC1P.lsnr

crs_unregister ora.testrac2p.LISTENER_RACDB_ TESTRAC1P.lsnr

4. Once you have removed the entries using crs_unregister, use srvctl to reflect the removed entries.

$ srvctl config listener -n testrac1p

$ srvctl config listener -n testrac2p

$ crs_stat -v

5. Once the listener entries are removed, you can use netca (NETCA) to configure the Listeners.

6. Start the Nodeapps on all the nodes

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