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Friday, August 22, 2008

VMware Server 2.0 (Beta)

My Hands on VMware Server 2.0(beta)
For almost 16 months I am using VMware server versions from 1.0.2 and there so and my first Hands on Oracle Real Application Clusters (Learning Purpose) is on 1.0.4 went well without any issues. In fact the concept of Virtualization is one of the deemed reason to consolidate the space of Data Centers. My last project with the bank, almost all the utility servers run on Virtualization. It’s got so many advantages, but which is not going to be the topic, now, but if you talk about my personal interests to try this product, it’s always a useful tool for me.
It’s easy to use, like, you can divide your existing system into multiple virtual machines, you can host all the freeware Linux and its compatible with almost all flavors of Linux (Of course I am more used to Enterprise Linux from Oracle).
I thought of giving a try with Enterprise Linux 5.2 from Oracle, but the VMware 1.0.6 / 1.0.4 as still don’t have VMware Tools are not there for Linux 5.2 so I used face few difficulties with the Console and of course with the Display.

I am happy to see the VMware Server 2.0 which got support of almost all the Operating systems, from Microsoft Win 3.1 to Windows 2008 (64 bit) & for Linux 5 versions.
The things i like more in VMware Server 2.0 (beta).
1) Guest Operating System's - Support to all Windows operating system from 3.1 to Windows 2008 Server, and even for Windows Vista.

2) Same for Linux. (Enterprise Linux from Oracle Corp. 5.0)
3) The Web Interface - With the Host Configuration Details.
4) The status of Guest OS and the Hardware Version etc.,
5) The Pop-up window of guest OS.

So whats waiting for, just give a try. I have Enterprise Linux 5.2 from Oracle running on this, which i want to give a try with Oracle 11g.
Ravi Prakash

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