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Monday, January 05, 2009

How to become an Oracle DBA?

Lesson 01
This is where I started 7 years back, and sharing my thoughts from few years. 7 years back, database administrator is very less known and when I started working out to be a Database Administrator, I opted to take a course from Oracle University affiliated SQL * International, of course its costly I felt its better and it worked for me. At that time, I used to browse for online documents, used to find very less. These days we have more documents on line, Oracle Forums for new aspirants, so many websites offer lot.
As a starter you have plenty of options, if you are a self starter you can browse Oracle Documentation on line and you can start learning.
In this post and upcoming posts I will discuss the topics to concentrate.
1. Get familiar with the Oracle Database Users and their responsibilities, it will help you to understand the roles and responsibilities and of course that you want to concentrate to become a Database administrator.

You can find more information on http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B19306_01/server.102/b14231/dba.htm#sthref57
It will give you a basic understanding of database administrator. It’s the stepping stone. I don’t want to talk much about SQL, PL/SQL. Assuming that you already aware of this. Basics is well to go with, you don’t need to be a mater in PL/SQL.

2. What type of activities does Database administrator do?
Database Administrators as so many responsibilities which he/she needs to deliver. So get to know what the tasks of a DBA.

Going with the above, you might get to know what a DBA can do and you might be prepared to get ready to learn Oracle Database.

3. How to go-ahead after this?
Download Oracle Database 10gR2 for your operating system; initially you can use your Windows XP Professional where you can install Oracle Database Software easily. If you have good exposure on Linux, well I suggest you to try working out.
On Windows

On Linux
This gives you a good start, and of course hands on experience which is must for a DBA. So keep working I will come up with my next post on what to do once you have Oracle Database on your Laptop/Desktop/Workstation.

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  1. Good work mate, keep going ...
    santosh k m


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