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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Oracle Streams 10gR2 Implementaion - Table Level

Oracle Streams 10gR2 Step by Step


Oracle Streams enables the sharing of data and events in a data stream, either within a database or from one database to another.

The purpose of this document is to outline the steps for setting up one-way replication between two ORACLE databases using streams at table level.

RDBMS Version: 10gR2 ( -> download Oracle 10gR2
Operating System: Oracle Enterprise Linux 4.5 -> download from E-delivery

Source database (S): ORCL.ORACLEDB1.KRISH.COM
Target database (T): MYDEV.ORACLEDB2.KRISH.COM

Source Schema: SCOTT
Target Schema: SCOTT

Replication Tables:

Streams Setup Steps:
Following sequence of steps are required in order to implement streams with no downtime.

1. Set parameters Relevant to Streams (S & T)
2. Set up ARCHIVELOG mode (S & T)
3. Create separate Tablespace for stream admin user (S & T)
4. Setup streams admin user (S & T)
5. Create a database link on source (S)
6. Setup Streams queues on both Source(S) and Target (T)
7. Setup supplemental logging on Source(S)
8. Configure capture process (S)
9. Configure propagation process (S)
10.Create destination tables (Metadata-only export/import) on Target (T)
11.Set Instantiation of tables from Source(S)
12.Export, Import of tables(Data) from Source(S) to Target (T)
13.Grant object privileges to stream admin user (T)
14.Configure apply process on Target(T)
15.Start the apply process (T) and Capture process(S)

.............. Continued ->Click Here


  1. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Good, Please post the rest of the setup


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