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Friday, February 10, 2006

Oracle Applications DBA (Apps DBA)

Hmm as long from now being a core DBA from past 3 years I want move to Apps. Apps DBA is what Applications DBA is said to be. I want to assimilate my self for Application expertise and as well as with Oracle 10 G Rel 2.

In my searches I found this reliable site for Applications
http://www.appsdba.com/ hope this will be very useful for Apps DBA.

I always found of increasing my errands and promoting myself with the market. But what Apps DBA does? Is this the question I always asks myself and hope this is the most common question for a core DBA who wants to upgrade for Apps? Yes! Hope so! :- )
I want to solve this in my blog – hope it helps to know the responsibilities of being an Apps DBA.

What duties, if any, are different for an Apps DBA versus those of an Oracle 8/9i DBA?

Oracle APPS DBA's duties are almost same as of Oracle DBA but your work will be more specific to the Architecture (or I should say Environment) and OFA of Oracle Application. Apart from that there are few more things you should know like applying patches or adadmin utility and some basic functionality of SYSADMIN responsibility of APPS.

An APPs DBA knows all that a regular DBA knows plus the following:
Application fundamentals such as concepts and architecture
Application Installation and configuration
Patching and Upgrades
Patch Management and Version Control
Customization Updates
Cloning requirements.
This can be frequent in an Apps environment- Concurrent Managers - Forms/Report Servers
Web Servers
all the "ad" utilities
all the database restrictions for the applications.
That is so that the installation is still supportable and conforms to all vendor (Oracle) requirements.
All special application related regular and maintenance functions. Such as month end and period end functions.
Understand any backup and recovery constraints. Such as for table imports (NOT) and partial recoveries.
Special requirements and restrictions for tuning, example optimizer and index requirements.
Printer Configuration
User Access AdministrationThis could be a matter for further discussion as it could be argued that all DBA's should be aware of the above or equivalent for any database application (Oracle or otherwise).

These are two core answers I found for being a Apps DBA.


  1. Krishna10:45 PM

    Hi Ravi

    it's good one


  2. aarti8:01 AM


    hello ravi, actually i wanted to know, what r the challenges in a dba's life as compared to a programmer's life.
    i mean i have heard its a mechanical work, i mean u r just the right person i should ask, to confirm my doubt, so please do reply.

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