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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Want to Become an Oracle DBA

Often I come up with this query? How can I be an Oracle DBA and I always like to allocate my time on this. I hope the links help you if you are looking to be Oracle DBA and the measures you need to consider being a DBA.
10 way's to keep the DBA Job!
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You can become an Oracle DBA, but here is the truth of the matter: there are practically zero jobs or job postings looking for DBA's with zero years of experience. "Entry level" in the Oracle DBA job world typically means 3-5 years of experience. Your IT certificate from the local community college means practically nothing. Your Oracle Certified Professional certificate may mean even less to some hiring managers (they don't know what it is, they've been burned by the paper MCSE, they value experience over a piece of paper, and so on). In this case, a certificate's true value lies within helping you get an interview with a company that uses Oracle.

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